The professionals at Doral Glass are capable of making recommendations that will enhance the appearance of your business.


Interior Offices

DORAL GLASS offers products and solutions that help create the ideal balance between function and aesthetics, especially with regard to interior architecture in offices, professional offices, agencies and residential offices of small dimensions. Its applications include efficiency in the use of space, transparency, smooth transition between spaces, comfort and flexibility.

Glass interior wall systems bring great benefits to a workplace: transparency, natural light, versatility, efficiency, space savings and low maintenance cost.


Barn Doors

In these solutions, the door is concretely converted into an essential component of the furniture, reducing the aluminum profiles to further highlight the glass, providing colorful neutral and modern style, adapted to the different designs of furniture.

Glass barn doors create a powerful impression and a grand entrance. Used in luxury developments, corporate environments, and five-star resorts around the world our interior sliding glass barn doors and pivot glass doors offers a sleek, bold look.



At DORAL GLASS, our goal is to get your restaurant window installation done properly and quickly. We understand the problems that are inherent in construction – materials, deliveries, schedules, etc. Our in-house communication, internal processes and the years of experience our staff possesses help to make our turnaround time impressive.

No matter where you go in the South Florida there’s a good chance that Doral Glass has helped build the restaurant you’re dining at with our glass installation. We are true craftsmen and professional glazers and we deliver the highest quality workmanship.