Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing home, Doral Glass can help you!.


Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Shower doors and doors in tempered glass are quality products and long life for your home, resistant to blow and heat durable and non-combustible, easy and practical for cleaning.

It is a difficult decision but you will surely notice that the best are the bathroom doors or glass enclosures made of glass, since they are usually more elegant, decorative and easy to clean. Firstly, tempered glass doors are more comfortable to maintain, since with a cloth and a small amount of chlorine they are again as new. Their presence is synonymous with elegance and are more attractive to the eye than the curtains that inspire greater cleanliness.


Stairs Railing

The stairs railings are part of a large number of stairs providing lightness and transparency. The quality of the glass together with a great variety of connections, make these can be attached directly to the work getting visual effects unthinkable some years ago.

These types of glass railings are subject to different regulations depending on their location, such as public spaces, private houses, shopping centers, etc. The glass to use is always safety and depending on the type of connection to work will be laminated, tempered or both at the same time. The connections are made of aluminum or stainless steel, playing with an extensive range of designs.


Custom Mirror

At Doral Glasss we produce various glass and mirror designs for architectural and or furniture applications, specializing in the provision and installation with the backing of our work team and our technology machinery.

Our objective is to offer the best level of quality and fulfillment, which allows us to provide an efficient, safe and capable service to fill the requests to the architectural industry. In addition to standard mirrors normally sold, normal or colored, we offer the possibility of particularizing them to create fancy mirrors, combinations with lacquered glass, matted or decorated in addition to the many manufactures that can be practiced: bevelling, edging, sandblasting, striation , Frosted, painted, etc.


Table Tops

Table tops are highly resistant panels, manufactured with the highest quality crystals in a variety of shapes, colors, thicknesses and edges finely finished and glossy. They provide elegance and distinction in any of its environments, being the perfect complement to the decoration in your home.

Our table tops are manufactured with the latest machinery, which ensures the excellence and brightness of all their finishes. They are also used in various applications: in dining tables, coffee tables and side tables, desk protectors, shelves, displays and everything your imagination wishes.


Glass Shelves

Metal and tempered glass are tough materials that provide a feeling of spaciousness and lightness. A single module may be sufficient in a limited space or the basis of a great solution if your needs change.

Hanging shelves serve to look and accommodate objects that never find their place and also save space. To choose them you have to take into account the height that is needed between the two shelves, the weight they will support and the style of the environment in which will be located.


Windows & Sliding Doors

We have a system for sliding glass doors, stackable and folding (or folding doors). The system consists of using rails and hardware with sheets of tempered glass and without the need to use frames or profiles. This achieves an almost completely transparent appearance.

Sliding doors are a useful, practical and aesthetic solution for organizing spaces in homes. In addition to a very interesting decorative solution, they provide a practical extra advantage to gain space and generate environments at home. It should be noted that, compared to conventional folding doors, sliding doors allow space in the room and gain wall meters for paintings and furniture.



The backsplash of the kitchen is a great place to infuse color and style into the kitchen, especially in modern kitchens that use a lot of stainless steel.

When designing a backsplash, it is important to choose kitchen materials that complement the rest of the decor. Glass sheets can be chosen in both neutral and luminous colors, which can create the perfect backsplash for your kitchen. The glass coating is easy to clean, on the contrary the tiles and ceramics are very difficult to clean because the small holes in the tiles absorb the simple cooking oils.